B Street Pier

Originally B Street Pier was expected to be a great place for folks that would like to fish in Crescent City, but, didn't want to charter a boat.  The 900 foot pier is located at the west end of the bay.

Unfortunately, it has turned out that fishing on the pier wasn't what was expected, fishing the pier is good for relaxing, but, not for catching masses of fish.  If you would like to know more about fishing the pier, and give it a shot, see pierfishing.com

However, B Street Pier did have a nice surprise in store for the town.    The B Street pier is an excellent location to catch dungeonous crabs from December through July.   

If you're visiting Crescent City from out of town and don't have a crab pot, go to the Big Five or the Rite Aid RX and you can find a crabpot to use on B Street Pier.   Walk out on the pier, tie off your crab pot line to the railing, toss the crab pot over the rail.   Either sit back and relax on the pier on you lounge chair or wander off to come back a bit later.   Different days give different results.   Sometimes you can pull crabs up after only a few minutes, sometimes you need to wait longer.   Ask someone on the pier what to expect the day your visit and try.    Give yourself some time to relax, drag your crab pot back up and you probably find a crab or two waiting for you in you for a great dinner.

Whenever you go,  the view is absolutely breath taking (when it isn’t raining or foggy) and it’s satisfying to simply cast out a line and contemplate the beauty of the world. Relax and enjoy your day!