Bird Watching

Crescent City is surrounded by habitat that loves birds.   Del Norte county has recorded some 420 varieties of birds.   With the rivers, ocean, redwood forests, lagoons and sand dunes, birds abound.

If you are a birdwatcher, here are some of the best spots to do birdwatching in Del Norte County:

  • Crescent City Harbor
  • Castle Rock National Wildlife Refuge
  • Lake Earl Coastal Lagoon
  • Point St. George
  • False Klamath Cove
  • Smith River and Klamath River mouth and estuaries.
  • Endert’s Beach cliff trail (Redwood National & State Parks)
  • Sanger Peak Area (seasonal access)
  • South Fork of the Smith River

Some fine sites to puruse if you would like to be a birding enthusiast  in Del Norte County:

The following are some specific site pages that might help you as you plan a bird watching excursion to Del Norte County:

If you would like to get a book to help you wander Del Norte County looking for birds, consider: Bird Finding Guide to Del Norte County.