Have you tried crabbing?   In Crescent City, crabbing is not only a commercial activity, but, is a recreational activity leading to a great dinner.  Go to any of the local stores, including the drug store,  and you can buy a crab pot.   Drive down to the harbor and see stacks of crab pots and find fresh crab for sale during crab season.

In addition to the commercial crabbers, locals frequent the area in their boats crabbing during the crab season ... rounding up enough dungeness crabs to keep them until their next weekend foray to catch crabs.  

A pier (B Street Pier) was built in 1989, to replace an old damaged pier and hopefully draw fishing tourists to the harbor area of Crescent City. However, over the years, it was determine that the B Street Pier was only marginally satisfactory as a fishing pier.   While fishing was possible, it was only as average fishing location, better locations exist.   However during the same period, to the surprise of the town, it was realized that there was a surprising supply of dungeness crabs at the pier site.  That situation remains until today. Daily, you will find people on B Street Pier dropping their crab rings off the pier and catching a crab dinner.

If you would like to try crabbing, come on down to B Street Pier with your crabpot and plan for a great dinner.   (By the way, a crabbing license is not required from the pier if you restrict yourself to 2 crab pots per person.)

For more information about crabbing restrictions (season, daily bag limits, minimum size, etc) see the state regulations.