Diving and Snorkling

Do we have world class diving in the Crescent City area?  Honestly, no but do have some opportunities to enjoy yourself.   We do have a dive shop in Crescent City and you can learn much more about the area opportunities from the dive shop.  For the dive shop, contact:

Pacific Quest Dive Center
415 S Hwy 101, Crescent City, CA

In the meantime, some of the opportunities are:

  • Slant Bridge -

    on the Smith River.

  • Wagon Wheel

    About 11 miles out of Crescent City on Hwy 197, Wagon Wheel is found just across from the Del Norte County Golf Course. The section of river is similar to the Illinois.  The spot is very rocky and a mix of deep holes and shallow rapids. Depths are up to 60 feet.

  • Wilson Creek Beach

    Wilson Creek Beach (sometimes refered to as False Klamath Cove) is about 14 miles south of Crescent City along Hwy 101. Dive around the offshore sea-stacks.  When the sea is calm the area is good diving, but, when there is high surge, visibility is low.

  • South Fork Road & Hwy 199

    About 20 miles out of Crescent City, Just before the turn-off marked South Fork Road there is a dirt parking area on the right. Behind this is a trail, that leads down to a nice beach on the Smith. Swim upstream toward the bridge. You'll find yourself in a dramatic underwater canyon bordered by sheer granite walls with interesting outcroppings. The water is blue-green and crystal-clear. On a dry fall day, the flow in the river is minimal, and the swim is pleasant. If the flow is high use common sense to keep of trouble here. If the river is a raging torrent, the skip the dive. If the water looks more like a lake than a river, jump in and enjoy yourself.

  • Mill Beach

    Mill Beach is located about 20 miles north of Crescent City on Hwy 101. A white sandy beach provides several access points into the water for divers. A variety of marine life, including grouper and bass, are common here. This scuba location typically has light currents and visibility of up to 9 meters (30 feet), making it appropriate for divers of all experience levels.

  • Twin Rocks -

    Twin Rocks is about 30 miles of Crescent City on Hwy 101, in Oregon.  This location has a sandy bottom and a variety of rock formations and boulders. Underwater life such as kelp, crabs and rock fish is common. Access is available from the shore. Due to medium currents, visibility of only 3 meters (10 feet) and potentially dangerous rock formations, the Twin Rocks site is recommended for advanced divers only.

  • Illinois River -

    Illinois River is about 40 miles northeast of Crescent City, off Hwy 199. This river flows into the larger Rogue River and features gravel and rock formations. Access to this dive location is available from the shore. The Illinois River is open to scuba divers of all experience levels. A light current and visibility of 12 meters (39 feet) is common.

  • Early Hole -

    Early Hole is a scuba diving site in the Smith River about 10 miles from Crescent City. This location has a bottom of sand and gravel. Visibility is good in the spring, but can decrease in late summer due to algae growth. High currents at this location make Early Hole a site for experienced divers.